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The shallow knowledge attained in medical universities, around the world, is no more a burden! We have come up with the least studied or less understood medical topics and conditions in a much more simplified way, for easier understanding. This site is at present well received by millions of common users and doctors, all around the world, for a relaxed reading or for expanding their understanding.

We have put in great effort to research about the topics written here. The most consulted medical texts and authors were referred to, to build a solid knowledge base. Our team behind this mammoth task includes doctors, authors and researchers.

Our objective right now is to bring you the most common medical knowledge and updates from the best of minds, in a most simplified manner. Further, we are in our little steps to be the top referred medical sites. Enjoy being with us!


Dr. Shihab Kappan MBBS – LinkedIn

A doctor by profession, an author by his brains, and a human by his heart, Dr. Shihab Kappan probably is one of the best known authorities in the field of online medical information. A person with pin point clinical acumen and with his natural skill of telling a story, he is one of our priced authors on board.

Dr. Rajesh MD (Internal Medicine) – Google Plus

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